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Triple glazed windows are even more energy-efficient than modern double glazing. The increased thermal insulation benefit is gained by the additional pane of glass and gas filled cavity.


There are several reasons why you should consider installing our triple glazed REHAU windows containing PLANITHERM glass:


Use less energy and save even more on heating bills - triple glazed windows have an optimised energy balance to maximise cost savings.


Triple glazing allows a high level of solar heat gain, capturing warmth from natural daylight and drawing it into your home. This is combined with exceptional thermal insulation properties with triple glazed windows having a low U-value to keep the heat in during night and day. The outcome is a window that well exceeds the current maximum  'A' window energy rating.





37613 - 6 Chamber 52mm Outer Frame 37613 - 6 Chamber 52mm Outer Frame Rehau-Tritec-uPVC-windows-and-doors1

Maximum comfort - the thermal efficiency of triple glazed windows ensures that cold spots are eliminated. Triple glazed windows can also be optimised to deliver excellent thermal acoustic performance - minimising noise levels from outside.

  • Reduce external noise

  • Increase security

  • Reduce heat loss

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