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Sliding patio doors are very practical where there is a space restriction they are perfectly suited to open into conservatories or out to your garden. The modern day sliding patio door is much more secure than the the old style of aluminium door set into a hardwood frame, which in many cases could be lifted from their tracks and therefore making them a favoured target for the would-be burglar. So why not invest in a secure set of KAT manufactured sliding patio which will enhance both the appearance and the security of your home.


Climatec offer a vast range of finishes, so there is always something suited to your taste. Importantly, if you are upgrading the security of your home, you should put new high security doors to the top of your list.






37613 - 6 Chamber 52mm Outer Frame Sliding Patio Door -from-inside KAT logo sliding patio XL

Secure doors that will enhance the appearance and safety of any home.

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